Better data.
Better decisions.
Greener planet.

Patented technology to help retailers and suppliers handle regulated items.

Our data enables retail operations to know exactly what to do with every unsold item, every time.

Our classification engine lives at the Point of Reversal™ (PoR), where reverse logistics meets retail waste management. Bringing big data and machine learning to retail makes organizations more sustainable, compliant, and able to find value where none previously existed.

Classification engine icon

ACE™ (Automated Classification Engine)

Receive transportation and waste classifications for all your products and improve supplier correspondence.

Optimized in-store operations

Increase operational efficiency while maximizing accountability and compliance with our Retail SiS™ application and ACE™. Reduce the time employees spend classifying products and eliminate errors.

Tailored reports and insights

Real-time decision analytics and generator status tracking allow you to maximize the value of every unsold item in all locations.

1 in 10 products are returned, damaged, or unsold. Are they going where they should?

Don’t let valuable items be transported and incinerated when they could be reused or donated to people in need. Our cloud-based application provides the best and most accurate solution to help retailers, the environment, and communities. 

Non-saleable item hierarchy

Sustainable item disposition hierarchy

Better data = Accurate classifications

Ensured compliance

Eliminate the risk of misclassification fines with UPC-based, compliant back-of-store decision making for unsold items.

Disposal cost reductions

Today, up to 75% of products are being overclassified as "State Toxic." Our Automated Classification Engine™ eliminates these unnecessary disposal fees. 

Accurate shipping costs

Make sure that the items you’re shipping are in the correct shipping group. Get limited quantity eligibility when you should. Stop spending too much on shipping costs.

Smarter Sorting all paths screenshot

One scan. Best path.

Simply scan an item to receive optimal diversion instructions. Clear, easy, and compliant. Get full visibility and clear instructions for disposal options.

  • Charitable donations
  • Return to vendor
  • Re-use
  • Recycling
  • Regulated waste
  • E-waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Organics

Digital transformation for the Point of Reversal™

Automate Compliance Illustration

Automate compliance

Limit liability and risk by using better data to automate compliant decision making on the floor.

Improve retail sustainability

Improve sustainability

Better manage donations and reuse to maximize your tax refunds and make sure products are not destroyed when they shouldn’t be.

Improve retail operations

Simplified operations

Reduce the processing time per item by up to 400%.

Cut disposal costs illustration

Cut waste disposal costs

Put an end to over-classification to make sure you’re not paying more than you should for item disposal.