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Product intelligence for a better world

Smarter Sorting helps companies know more about consumer products to make, market and move them better.

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For brands

Expedite the product introduction process and so much more with product intelligence.

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For retailers

Master regulatory compliance and so much more with product intelligence.

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What we do

What's better for the environment should be better for business. Our chemistry-driven, product-level data helps retailers and brands make better business decisions, reduce regulatory liability, increase sustainability and be more efficient.

We know the rules

Our algorithms identify how to best handle regulated consumer products following all safety, health, transportation, disposal and sustainability regulations across the supply chain. We help retailers and brands remain compliant, avoid fines and reduce their environmental impact. The knowledge we provide helps control costs and sell more products.

How we do it

We are the first to use computational mathematics to give instant, accurate answers to complex questions, using billions of data points on millions of regulated consumer products.


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Why we do it

Our smart people—a team of math nerds, chemistry wizards and retail pros—are united in wanting to make the difference that matters. We love to deliver results which improve sustainability AND make good business sense.

Because when we know more, we do better.