This article is the first of a series examining the technology that powers Smarter Sorting technology for retail supply chain stakeholders. In this first segment, we will explore how our Automated Classification Engine (ACE) is disrupting the regulated product industry.

Regulated product supply chains need a makeover. A big, world-shattering makeover.

This transformation should start with brands at the regulated product classification level, continue to back-of-store retail employees managing and disposing of these products, and extend to regulated waste shippers and transporters.

This entire ecosystem is broken. How do I know? Our clients tell us. 

Likely—as a supply chain stakeholder—your pocketbook and analytics tell you the same thing.

Too often, I hear stories of regulated products taking plodding, costly routes from production to retail shelves because of antiquated product classification processes. Then, upon store arrival, retailers face uncertainty regarding compliant product management, shipping, and disposal. Finally, shipping companies and regulated waste transporters face logistical dilemmas working with retailers to ensure products follow appropriate, compliant pathways.

Along the way, costly sacrifices are realized regarding product/worker safety, resources, environmental sustainability, and—of course—the bottom line.

What if there was a way that all of these stakeholders—brands, retailers, shippers, and waste transporters—could be on the same page from the beginning? What if products could arrive on shelves in lighting fast time (days vs. weeks) after classification? What if brands, retailers, and transportation players could share the same data and work off the same game plan to ensure the management of regulated products in a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable manner? 

And what if stakeholders didn’t have to understand complex regulatory compliance issues and determine complicated math equations to manage regulated products properly? Instead, what if state-of-the-art, intuitive technology could make compliant product decisions as simple as a few taps on a computer screen?

What if? At Smarter Sorting, “if” has arrived. 

Smarter Sorting brings this regulated product supply chain transformation to life with our core technology: the patented Automated Classification Engine (ACE).

Our Automated Classification Engine writes the rules so you don’t have to

Smarter Sorting is the first company creating a computational language for consumer product chemical regulations—and ACE is powering this effort. This technology will redefine what’s possible for the trillions of tons of chemicals we use every year, and help brands, retailers, and regulated product transportation companies meet their revenue and sustainability goals. 

Smarter Sorting’s suite of products ensure safe, compliant handling of regulated products in the most sustainable, cost-effective, transparent, and traceable manner currently possible. ACE is the core technology of every Smarter Sorting Product and can be thought of in two components: computational chemistry methods and Regulatory AI.

A product’s core physical and chemical attributes are the inputs that fuel ACE. Computational chemistry methods allow us to immediately understand how a product’s chemical attributes express themselves within the product formulation. This takes 14 core product attributes and turns them into hundreds of product-specific data points. 

These data points are then fed into our Regulatory AI. This instantly matches these inputs against federal, state, and local regulations to create classifications. These classifications determine how regulated products can be shipped (did I hear e-commerce?) and disposed of, while also providing important product safety information. In addition, we also apply retailer specific rules to products, ensuring our retail partners handle items in the most sustainable and cost effective way. 

The final result? A complete “Product Genome” (a full account of all product traits and classifications) that enables every stakeholder to make the right decision for every product, every time—and in every conceivable supply chain scenario. 

Ready to take the next step into the supply chain revolution?

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