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Smarter Sorting Introduces Industry-First Product Intelligence Platform

Product Intelligence ensures regulatory compliance and increases supply chain efficiency – all while driving a more sustainable future.

AUSTIN, Texas. – June 1, 2021 – Smarter Sorting today announced its patented Product Intelligence platform that leverages computation, chemistry, and machine learning to provide real-time data and actionable product insights to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers of consumer products.

Smarter Sorting has built the first scalable data platform to understand consumer products down to their core physical and chemical attributes. This data empowers users to optimize how they manufacture, move, market, sell, and handle products throughout the supply chain. The platform brings transparency, precision, and automation to product decisions that formerly relied on subjective, imprecise data and manual, error-prone processes. As a result, Product Intelligence from Smarter Sorting increases supply chain efficiency and visibility, saves time and costs associated with regulatory compliance, and gives users accurate information to make smarter, more sustainable decisions for consumer products.

For suppliers, Product Intelligence enables data-driven decisions across the entire product lifecycle--from product development to end of life (EOL) handling. For example, the platform gives suppliers access to data to help them optimize product formulations; monitor and verify compliance with evolving environmental and safety regulations; understand complex shipping and transportation requirements; and safely and sustainably dispose of unsold products. 

For retailers, Product Intelligence provides a complete, detailed picture of the regulated products on their shelves. This enables retailers to operate a safe, efficient supply chain and increase revenue and profits while minimizing their environmental footprint and delighting their customers.  For example, retailers can instantly determine if a product is salable and whether it meets their inventory requirements for health, safety, and sustainability. In addition, retailers can easily identify which products are eligible to ship directly to customers, so they can quickly and compliantly expand their ecommerce catalogs. Furthermore, Product Intelligence enables retailers to create and execute robust environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) strategies, building trust with consumers through transparency and alignment with customer values. 

Smarter Sorting levels the playing field for businesses. Retailers, SMBs, and large multinational suppliers are able to equally access and leverage Product Intelligence in ways that are meaningful and uniquely impact their business. Smarter Sorting’s Product Intelligence platform has already been adopted by nearly 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers, including household names as well as emerging and regional brands. Major retailers are also rapidly embracing the solution. 

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About Us

Smarter Sorting is the Product Intelligence provider, pairing cutting-edge technology with a vision for a more sustainable future. Purpose-driven and aimed at transforming the world with data, Smarter Sorting is the first and only company to use machine learning to reveal the core chemical and physical attributes of consumer products. Smarter Sorting believes that when you know the empirical truth about products, you unlock a world of possibilities. Because only when we know more, can we do better.