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Plug in to a universe of data, from anywhere.

Experience the magic of Product Intelligence with the click of a button. By leveraging math and machine learning, our proprietary technology ingests basic product information and resolves dozens of actionable data points.

Elevate your master data management to stay in compliance, turbo-charge sustainability, and ultimately, know more.

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The Smarter Sorting Product Intelligence Platform.

Our cloud-based platform for retailers and suppliers is a single source of truth for every regulated product in North America. All the information and documentation you need to get the job done right.

  • Access regulatory classifications for waste and transportation, handling instructions, and chemical safety and sustainability data
  • Connect directly with your regulated product suppliers for better and more informed merchandising
  • Search by UPC and find business specific rules to power your retail operations

The Smarter Supplier Platform - Coming Soon.

We’re building a new set of tools to arm suppliers with the data needed to sell products quickly, compliantly, safely, and cost-effectively.

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