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Our partners make us smarter

Smarter Sorting is a passionate collaborator with partners in retail, formulated products, hazardous waste management, chemical recycling and big data. By working closely with strategic partners, trade associations and commercial organizations, we are constantly improving our ability to understand and the impact of products on the world in which they exist.

US Ecology

Together, US Ecology and Smarter Sorting provide a data driven solution to retail hazardous waste called Smarter Pickup. Our Back of Store System (BOSS) syncs with US Ecology so drivers know exactly when to schedule pick-ups, what waste to pick up and how much to expect. This gives retailers and US Ecology technicians more visibility into their hazardous waste streams, reducing and streamlining pickups, and ensuring safety and compliance throughout the process.
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A shared purpose to further retail sustainability and compliance efforts with the globally harmonized system (GHS). Working with RILA by educating retailers on AI-based environmental compliance technology Supporting the mission of RILA by sponsoring RILA’s Environmental Committee Meeting.
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A shared vision to further safety, transparency and sustainability in the consumer product industry. Our goal is to use data to bring new insights to product development, banned chemical lists, chemicals of high concern (cohc), Prop 65, and so much more.
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Feeding America

Smarter Sorting and Feeding America have partnered up to help donate and distribute food to those in need.
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The New Fashion Initiative

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Together with NAHMMA, Smarter Sorting is committed to advancing hazardous waste management practices through our partner network of municipalities, household hazardous waste facilities (HHWs), and retail organizations.


Smarter Sorting is partnering with Data.World to help consumers make the best product selections when it comes to health and safety. Through our shared vision, our goal is to help consumers know more and do better.
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