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Welcome to the smarter supply chain.

Smarter Sorting’s technology equips retailers with the data to effectively manage products from cradle to grave. From merchandising, to transportation, all the way to disposal - data and decisions are transparent and streamlined.

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Hazardous materials transportation

Connect the dots.

Transportation is the connector that allows products to move from Point A to Point Z. Access regulatory information and best practices for moving products by ground, air and sea. Know if you qualify for exceptions so you can efficiently ship higher volumes of products in the safest way possible.

Rethinking Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Item intelligence delivers insights into the complete product lifecycle to identify opportunities for improvement. Get the data to design, manufacture, distribute, sell, and handle the End of Life (EOL) with sustainability in mind.

Better data, better communications.

Bring stakeholders together on a cloud-based data platform to instantly communicate critical item-level data at each phase of the supply chain. Ensure compliance, safety, efficiency, and transparency every step of the way.