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Product Intelligence for retail and ecommerce.

Retailers who know more, achieve more.

Every product you sell in store and online has a rich tapestry of physical and chemical attributes. Smarter Sorting unlocks this data and turns it into insight and information that impacts your entire value chain.



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Transform your ecommerce operations.

What’s eligible to ship direct to customer? How about next-day shipping, handling at a retailer distribution center or dropship by a supplier? Our data determines how to expand your online catalog compliantly and at internet speed. By capturing every physical and chemical attribute of your products, we unlock the data that will enable you to expand your online catalog and sell more items quickly and compliantly.

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The best data means the best ESG strategy.

Capture the data you need to build and execute an environmental, social and corporate responsibility strategy that grows revenue and shareholder value.

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Better speed to market.

Our Product Intelligence tools let you know instantly if a product is eligible for sale and whether it meets your inventory requirements for health, safety, and sustainability.

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Intelligent supply chains that create new value.

Streamline first, middle, and last mile logistics by providing actionable data to increase safety and efficiency, and prevent non-compliance events.

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Sorty Truck

A data-driven waste management solution.

Key product insights into your product inventory means more efficient and cost effective handling of unsold goods in the back of your stores, and custom rules for waste and donations programs.

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Be smarter about compliance.

Go beyond the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Mitigate risk and stay ahead of regulations with Smarter Sorting’s transparent technology-driven process, generating instant regulatory classifications for every product.

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