Better Regulatory Classifications with Smarter Sorting

Get accurate, consistent, accountable classifications with the Automated Classification Engine™ (ACE)

End over classification and ship your products more affordably.

Register your products, manage your classifications, and seamlessly communicate with your retail partners.

  • RCRA & state waste classifications
  • Transportation information for DOT, IMDG, and IATA
  • Packaging and shipping details

Get classifications without giving away trade secrets.

Our machine learning algorithms accurately classify your products without the needing exact formulation details. Simply upload your SDS or input a chemical range and we’re good to go.

Full visibility into transportation classifications.

Get more than just a classification. When you enter your packaging information, you’ll get insight into applicable shipping exceptions and exemptions. We’re out to end over-classification.

Streamline classification communication management with retailers.

With the Smarter Sorting Classification Portal, you get the ability to review and approve classifications before they are shared with your retail partner.