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Product Intelligence for suppliers and manufacturers.

Product Intelligence is delivering data and insights on how best to make, move, market, and sell your products compliantly, safely, efficiently, and at scale.

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A true partner to suppliers.

From basic product attributes, gain insights that will inform your decisions from brand concept to end of life.



Insights that inform your product strategy from concept to end of life.

Better empirical knowledge helps suppliers:

  1. Understand the effects of regulations
  2. Qualify for shipping and packaging exemptions
  3. Comply with inventory requirements
  4. Make smart decisions for unsold products
  5. Become a leader in product stewardship
  6. Ensure products are handled safely
  7. Verify product claims
  8. Expedite the product certification process

Smarter formulated products.

Know your chemical products down to their core chemical and physical attributes, and actionize the data to sell more and delight your customers.

Smarter electronics and batteries.

Better electronic and battery intelligence to understand complex regulations, move products safely, and make the most sustainable choices.