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Brands who know more do better

Brands receive valuable insights on their products to help them make, market and move them better. With our product intelligence we can verify product claims, manage waste more sustainably, transport products more efficiently and so much more.

Fast and easy product registration

Brands only need to add a few details to get the most accurate product classifications, without revealing any confidential information. With our exceptional customer service, we're at hand to help every step of the way.

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Verify product claims

Product registration includes verifications for over 80 formula-based claims. This means brands can accurately tag products and consumers can trust the label.



Accurate classifications

with just Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information. This means more shippable products without needing to reveal trade secrets or share exact formulations. We find the majority of products are misclassified meaning higher shipping and storage costs, increased stopped shipments and unnecessary DOT inspections.

Product Intelligence Platform™

The Product Intelligence Platform is the central place for product registration, product insights and account management. Brands can register and update their products, and access every product detail including waste codes, transportation regulations and disposal classifications.

Transport products efficiently

Our analysis determines if products are eligible for limited quantity, or any other exceptions. We find the most compliant and cost effective way to move products through the supply chain.

Manage waste sustainably

We determine the most sustainable disposal path for products—and whether donation is an option—while remaining compliant with federal, state and local waste codes.