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Insights and reporting that work for you

We take master data management to the next level. Through the Product Intelligence Platform, Tableau dashboards and reporting of ESG metrics, we deliver results which improve sustainability and make good business sense.


Fast and accurate classifications

We use machine learning to ensure products are classified quickly and accurately— with no human error involved. This means no more misclassification or overclassification. Retailers can access product information and classifications at the touch of a button through our Product Intelligence Platform™.


Real-time reporting

We turn data into meaningful insights allowing retailers to view generator status and what products are moving through stores, in real time.

ESG reporting

We publish tailored retail sustainability reports to highlight meaningful ESG metrics to investors and stakeholders.

  • Environment: Waste management and emissions metrics like hazardous vs non-hazardous waste disposal, recycling and composting rates, and statistics on avoided greenhouse gas emissions
  • Social: Initiatives like perishable and non-perishable donation rates and quantity of meals donated
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